My Divinely Guided R*evolution

Learning to stand in my truth, embody my highest self and love unconditionally. These are the gritty, compelling and often times amazing stories of my Journey through Ascension and all that comes with it.

This Is All Of Me <3

I’ve decided to do my best to give my readers a glimpse into what I am all about. Sometimes I feel that my language and wording may be a little much for some to handle and I consider revising my thoughts into a more “acceptable” format. Then I think about how untrue to me that would actually be. You see, I am a gifted woman with many talents. Although those “talents” may not be so identifiable to most people, I will never stop recognizing all that I am and all that I have to offer this awakening world today. I have lived my entire life doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do. Period. I make no excuses for anything I have done, seen, participated in, or felt or thought. This is simply because I know for a fact that I have always consistently done everything with the intentions of it helping the greater good of the people.

All of my experiences have been endured so that I may be of service to many, many different souls. I am grateful each day for the ability to be able to understand and empathize with such a myriad of different people. My compassion for the underdog and for those who are lostย  is a gift that many others might not be able to ever identify with. My faith in humanity is deep and is forever unending. I have the passion and desire to always fight for all that is right and just and I am literally waiting to take my place in this beautiful, universal ascension revolution.

Staying true to ones soul should never ever have to be a painful experience and I am doing all that I can to make this our “reality”. Tiny but GIANT steps I take every chance I get to further myself in this evolution and bring those along that I can.

With this being said, I sincerely hope that my words, stories and thoughts do not offend anyone. My life has, so far, been a whirlwind of ecclectic decsions, hard roads chosen and somewhat taboo lifestyle picks that lend beautifully to insights that many others will be unable to gain. This is why I am sharing them. Try to see the “bigger picture”, please, as I know that your nose cannot possibly be so long as to not be able to see past the end of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Much love given,


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